Exo Tip: Set up Exo on a new PC

1.Copy the ExonetLib.dll file to your desktop from the file location that holds all off your Exo applications (this is usually a mapped X drive).

This is an application extension file if possible you can search by file type as per below:

Right click on the file, Copy – then on your desktop right click and Paste.

2. You then need to move the ExonetLib.dll from your desktop to the below location on your PC:

If your PC does not have the above file location you can move the file to: C:\Windows\System32

If you get the below message, click Continue.

3. You now need to register the ExonetLib.dll file against your PC.

Search your PC for CMD, then right click on command Prompt and select “Run as administrator” as per below:

4. Below will appear you need to type in:

REGSVR32 C:\windows\syswow64\exonetlib.dll as per below:

Hit Enter.

5. You will get the below message to advise the ExonetLib.dll has been successfully registered:

Close the Command Prompt as you no longer require it.

6. Make sure you have the mapped X drive where your Exonet applications are stored (where you got the ExonetLib.dll file from).

Open this file location and right click on the application(s) that you require in the below case ‘Exonet’.

Right click > Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)

7. Open the shortcut you have just created on your desktop
8. Select the connection dropdown, and select “Setup connections” as per below:

9. Enter the details to this screen for the Exo database(s) you require access to.

10. You IT company or Focus can advise what this information is if you do not know it.
11. Once all the information is entered, click Save.
12. You then need to test the connection as per below:

 13. As per above if the details you have entered are correct you will get a message saying “Successfully connected” – You can now log into Exo using this connection.

Talk to our Exo Consultants for more info

If you have any further questions please contact the focus team via email: or phone: 0800 12 00 99

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For high quality IT Services, Software Development, Accounting Business Software services I would highly recommend Focus Technology Group and their team who have always gone over and above to deliver me outstanding results.

Mark Lovell, Real Journeys

I have enjoyed attending the EXO User Community Workshops and find them very helpful. The group is a valuable resource that provides a great opportunity to discuss issues and solutions with other users. It is also great to learn about new products and features available, and promotes continual improvements which make our use of EXO easier and more efficient.

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Focus looks after us well. They are conscious that we are a not-for-profit organisation and they consistently bring best-fit, personalised and cost effective - not cheap - solutions to the table.

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Focus Technology Group provides support for our EXO system which we use for general ledger, stocks and payments. This has required significant customisation and refinement, in particular to accommodate payments to suppliers. We appreciate the services of Alex Ball who has always risen to the challenge of developing changes to the basic EXO package and has proven himself to be timely, accurate and very capable over a long period.

Ross M Chambers, General Manager, Provelco

Focus have been superb, the attentiveness to meet our exact needs and flexibility have been second to none. The team is collaborative and extremely helpful and respond very quickly. I would have no hesitation recommending Focus.

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