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Focus offers a range of cloud services, from email and office applications, to secure backups and virus protection.

Whether you’re looking for the convenience of anywhere, anytime access to your essential business services and information, a platform to collaborate with your team, or a cost-effective way to use the latest technology, Focus can help you design your cloud strategy and seamlessly migrate your operation.

Using our extensive experience, Focus can help your business transition to Cloud Services by utilising a series of platforms and services. We’ll guide you through our staged process, minimise downtime and ensure end to end process meets the needs of your operation.

Our Cloud Services remove the need for you to purchase infrastructure and software to run your systems. You access these platforms and services from us as your Cloud Provider, as and when you need them.

Each service offers different levels of management, control and flexibility, and is specifically designed around whether you want keep your data in your own private cloud or take advantage of the public cloud where the environment is managed independently. We work closely with you to fully understand your requirements and then design your cloud solution to fit those needs.

Our services include:

Platform as a Service

This service removes the need to purchase infrastructure and licenses that are traditionally required to run your system. You simply rent the platform and run your applications on it. All the resource management, capacity requirements and maintenance relating to the platform are managed by us, leaving you to focus on your core business. As your business changes you can adjust the platform to the level you require. Once the platform is in place, our team continues to work with you to ensure you are getting the maximum efficiencies from the platform and engage with you when changes need to be made.

Software as a Service

This service is for those businesses that are not wanting to participate in the management of their platform and the applications they use. This is a user-based, subscription service that provides you access to your systems and your data. No core infrastructure or associated licensing is required, making it the simplest and most flexible approach to addressing your technology requirements. Our team provide ongoing support to ensure you get the maximum efficiencies from your systems.

Some of the common Cloud Software services we provide include Microsoft 365 – Mail, SharePoint, MYOB Advanced ERP, Fetch Automated Data Entry Services, Antivirus and Security Protection, and Backup. You subscribe to the service for the use of the application, while the Focus team manages the relationship with the application provider, such as Microsoft, MYOB or Focus.

Infrastructure as a Service

This service provides you with your own core infrastructure in the cloud. You rent the space, processing power, storage and operating systems and remain in control of your environment. Focus will continue to support your infrastructure, which will now offer you all the benefits of the cloud, rather than being housed on your premises. Infrastructure as a service provides a higher level of redundancy than on premise solutions and provides a more robust, secure environment to house and run your systems.

The beauty of Cloud is that it is scalable, so our team of experts can work with you to create the environment you need.