Expand your knowledge, hear clever tips and learn new tricks in MYOB Advanced

It’s so easy to get used to how we do our daily tasks. So much so that we can be unaware of new features (or existing features) in our software that could reduce clicks, give better data or save time.

27 November 2020

Our Christchurch & Software Team

Put a face to all of the names you probably hear and people you talk to frequently at Focus. Read our staff profiles here.

01 July 2020

How to be IT ready for the next crisis

Before 2020, disasters in most business’ IT world were limited to a few well-known threats and risks. Now we can add global pandemics to the list of possible disasters. Here is a quick rundown on our observations and learnings in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, with some thoughts for you to ponder about your own business’ readiness for the next disaster that may come along.

01 July 2020

How to recognise and react to phishing emails

In this article, we will be discussing what phishing emails are, who sends them and why they’re so dangerous across the globe. Read on.

01 July 2020

EOFY Process in MYOB Exo

It’s that time of year again… follow our step-by-step guide to roll into the new financial year.

16 March 2020

Focus Support Cheat Sheet

Need help to navigate your computer while talking with one of our engineers? This article will show you all the key parts they will be discussing.

10 March 2020

10 tips to making Google Chrome easier to use

To show you just how great Chrome is, we have 10 very good ways that will make Chrome your new favourite web browser.

04 March 2020

Windows 7 Support Has Ended

Eleven years after quickly becoming Microsoft’s leading operating system, Windows 7 support has come to an end. However, there are still a large number of businesses and home users running Windows 7.

05 February 2020

Don’t get hooked with fraudulent emails - part 3

One of the clever ways that cyber criminals can get you is by sending you an invoice that looks exactly like an invoice one of your suppliers would send you – but with their bank account on it. It is very easy to accept the invoice and pay it.

30 September 2019

Don’t get hooked with fraudulent emails - part 2

Phishing and Whaling emails are fraudulently trying to get information from you to get up to mischief of all sorts. Read this article for more info.

29 August 2019

Don’t get hooked with fraudulent emails - part 1

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people around who have made a career in finding new and sneakier ways to cheat and steal through sending fraudulent emails. The names for these types of activities have a nautical flavour: Whaling and Phishing.

07 August 2019

How to protect yourself from cyber-attacks

Read this article to find out more ways to keep yourself and the company you work for safe from cyber-attacks.

31 May 2019

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