Evolution to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

Written by Eddie Baker

While SaaS is now a major end-user platform for accounting programs, that hasn't always been the case. Big leaps in the development of accounting software have coincided with the evolution of platforms.

The first platform move from paper-based systems to mainframe computer systems took centuries. Back to the day your accounting package involved swapping the Debtor's ledger floppy disc with the Creditor's ledger disc, then posting your data to England. This was cutting edge at the time for accountants, however it was a little time-consuming since the processed data had to be posted back from England too.

The next shift in platform was from mainframe computers to PCs. This enabled anyone with an IQ higher than most to write and sell their own accounting package. New Zealand is blessed with so much entrepreneurial talent that before we knew it the market was buzzing with quality products suited for small, medium and large businesses. They were typically a bit sore on the eyes, as they were still DOS-based with the retro green or black and white text, but man alive were those keyboard shortcuts handy! Software-as-a-Service (SaaS

Moving on to the next big thing, the move was from text-based user interfaces to graphic user interfaces; this gave a greater selling point and much better end-user functionality. The norm around that time was to visit your electrical retailer, where a shelf that was dedicated to shiny cellophane wrapped CDs with out-of-the-box accounting programs was available. There was no sales process, you just chose a package based on brand, price and a quick look at the features on the back of the box.... SOLD!

We are now firmly in the leap from having a legacy system on premise to having an accounting package in "the cloud". Having an accounting package as an all-inclusive SaaS product or hosted in the cloud, means staff are no longer office bound and it means your data is available anywhere in the world, using any device that has an Internet connection.

As advancements in technology continue, so do the possibilities of having your accounting package hosted in the cloud or owning a dedicated SaaS accounting package.

Today, mobility is a new paradigm for the business world, and having an advanced cloud platform ensures you are kept up to date with the latest technology at all times.

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