MYOB Exo 2017.1 Release

MYOB Exo Business 2017.1 was released Wednesday 5th July 2017, and we have summarised MYOB’s release notes.

The areas which MYOB have focused on improving in this release include end user interface enhancements, a major overhaul of Exo Clarity Report Designer and a variety of enhancements to improve workflow. The most important feature available to all end users in this release is the Menu Favourites pane, which begins to demonstrate how MYOB are capable of using machine learning functionality.


Clarity Report Designer

There has been a major overhaul of the report designer application designed to make it easier for end users to use the reporting tool and expand on the feature set. New Clarity features include:

A Google Map component  adds an image that displays data from Google Maps.

This release allows you to display a map, however future releases will build on this functionality by, for example, allowing you to add markers to a map.

The Paint Box icon  is used to place a canvas area on the report.

This can then be programmed to draw shapes and text that otherwise be impossible using other report components.

The Table Grid icon  lets you place report components into a table layout.

This acts as a region and allows users to move and resize all components within it by moving or resizing the table.

Design Layers

Reports can now contain multiple layers, each with its own content. Layers are used to place back ground images, water marks or header/footer images without affecting the main report in the foreground layer.

Updates to the Preview tab

The Preview tab now has page thumbnails down the left hand side.

This allows users to click on a page’s thumbnail to jump directly to that page.

New Exo Clarity Help

The Exo Clarity online help manual has been rewritten to help make information easier to find and to expand on the changes introduced in this release.

There are other enhancements to Exo Clarity components to expand their features. These components include the CheckBox, Hyperlink, rich text editor and more buttons on the Format toolbar.

Workflow Enhancements

This release adds a variety of enhancements to user interfaces, designed to improve workflow.

A new Menu Favourites pane is available at the left of the major Exo Business module window.

The Menu Favourites Pane allows users to customise their menu options and after upgrading, the system learns the menu options each user selects and updates the Menu Favourites over time.

A video explaining this feature can be viewed here

The cloud service status icon  is located at the bottom of major Exo Business windows.

It displays the status of the Exo Business cloud services such as Bank Feeds and Geolocation features.

Stop credit options have been added when receipting payments.

The affected screens are Debtor Adjustment and Integrated Cashbook windows which now highlight “Stop Credit” debtors in red and include options to toggle the stop credit status by ticking or unticking the stop credit status.

The company type name (“Creditor”, “Debtor” or “Non-Account”) now displays on Contacts the window. Previously it displayed a numerical code for the type (1 = Debtor, 2 = Creditor, 3 = Non-Account).

The payment method on the Creditors Payment Processor now defaults to Direct Credit instead of Cheque.

When editing currency exchange rates in Exo Business Config, if the user makes changes and clicks the Re-evaluate button without saving, the changes are now saved automatically before the re-evaluation is performed.

Sentence case is no longer enforced for Extra Field display names. Display names appear on interfaces as they are entered in Exo Business Config. When an Extra Field is saved, a message is displayed asking the user if they want to convert the name to sentence case, but this is optional.

Sentence case was not suitable for names like “pH level” or “IRD” which previously could only display as “Ph level” and “Ird”.

This release introduces a new way of setting the company colour.

A colour picker button  is now available on the Company Details screen in Exo Business Config.

This makes it easier to pick a colour, and offers a much wider range of colours than the pre-set list that was available in earlier versions.

Google Maps is now used for all Exo Business Geolocation functions. The Geolocation service functions as it did in previous versions the only noticeable difference is the appearance of the thumbnail image on the Confirm Location window.

Exo Job Costing now supports the Prompt for date on login profile setting, which allows users to pre-set the system date when you log in. The date users select will be the default for all new Job Costing transactions. (If the setting is disabled, the Windows system date is used.)

When the Enforce stock period locks in Job Costing profile setting is enabled, a new dialog has been added to handle transactions that could run contrary to existing period controls. This dialog appears when cancelling, writing off, moving or changing the quantity of a transaction line in a locked period.

A new user profile setting is available to control access to the write off function for job lines in Job Costing. Allow job transaction line write offs is ticked by default. Unticking the setting will deny access to write offs by removing the option from right click menus.

The Creditors Invoice Search feature has been enhanced to match the functionality that exists for Debtor invoice searches.

The General Ledger Account Details window now has a Documents tab making it an ideal place to store working papers. Users can attach a document by dragging and dropping it onto the Documents tab.

The Exo Fixed Assets module now validates postings against the financial year. Users are prevented from posting in a new financial year until a Year End Rollover has been performed in Fixed Assets.

Transactions entered using the Integrated Cashbook are now assigned a transaction type in the GLTRANS SQL database table.

Read the full release notes here

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