Show multiple tabs at once with Windows AERO

In the latest version of Exo (2016.3) there is now the ability to show multiple tabs at once in the taskbar of Windows as per below:

To check what version of Exo you are running go to help, about and review the EXE version as per below:

If you are running 2016.3 or later and are unable to see the multiple tabs you need to change your windows options by:

Right clicking on your task bar (bar at the bottom of windows) and choose properties as per below: 

You then need to change your option for Taskbar buttons to either of the bottom two options:

Click Ok.

The other nice new feature is improved ability to SHIFT+ALT+TAB or ALT+TAB between Exo windows:

This can help if you have a couple of screens open, to switch between them easily without losing your place. 

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