Windows 7 Support Has Ended

Eleven years after quickly becoming Microsoft’s leading operating system, Windows 7 support has come to an end. However, there are still a large number of businesses and home users running Windows 7.

05 February 2020

Don’t get hooked with fraudulent emails - part 3

One of the clever ways that cyber criminals can get you is by sending you an invoice that looks exactly like an invoice one of your suppliers would send you – but with their bank account on it. It is very easy to accept the invoice and pay it.

30 September 2019

Don’t get hooked with fraudulent emails - part 2

Phishing and Whaling emails are fraudulently trying to get information from you to get up to mischief of all sorts. Read this article for more info.

29 August 2019

Don’t get hooked with fraudulent emails - part 1

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people around who have made a career in finding new and sneakier ways to cheat and steal through sending fraudulent emails. The names for these types of activities have a nautical flavour: Whaling and Phishing.

07 August 2019

How to protect yourself from cyber-attacks

Read this article to find out more ways to keep yourself and the company you work for safe from cyber-attacks.

31 May 2019

Exosoft Tip: Invoicing via JIBE

This tip of the week will take you through the basic process of generating invoice(s) from JIBE.

18 March 2019

Exosoft Tip: Markups in JIBE

This tip of the week will take you through the ability to quickly add and amend markup percentages against job transactions prior to billing.

14 March 2019

Exosoft Tip: Create and Run Price Rules in JIBE

This tip of the week will take you through the ability to create and run price rules in JIBE.

12 March 2019

End of Financial Year in MYOB Exo

Here is our annual reminder and ‘how to’ guide for the process you will need to follow if your end of financial year is on March 31.

12 March 2019

Exosoft Tip: Generating recurring invoicing via JIBE

Is part of your business processes to generate reccuring invoicing from a job? Read this week’s tip to find out how to generate recurring invoices in JIBE.

11 March 2019

Exosoft Tip: JIBE - Invoice One Job to Two Different Debtors

In JIBE, you can create invoices to two different debtors under the one job. This feature is very useful if you have the requirement to invoice parts of one job to different debtors. Read on to find out more.

08 March 2019

Time to upgrade to a cloud phone system?

We are constantly changing how we can do things better and faster, and it’s no different with business phone systems. There are a few ways to tell that it’s time to upgrade your phone system to a cloud solution. Read this article for seven reasons why you should make the move.

06 March 2019

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