How to change the size of your desktop icons

Do you need your desktop icons to be a bit bigger so you can see them better? Or maybe you’d prefer them to be much smaller so they didn’t take up as much room. This is very simple to change to your liking.

29 October 2018

Keyboard shortcuts you probably didn’t know about

Most expert computer users know the basic keyboard shortcuts, like pressing Ctrl + P on a PC to print a document. But did you know there are plenty of other useful key combinations out there? These shortcuts will put the Internet and more at your fingertips—because every second counts.

03 October 2018

Using Outlook for Easy Task Management

In this article, we’ll give a quick run-down of how to create and view your tasks. We’ll also discuss some of the great features that Outlook can offer to better manage your tasks or projects.

04 September 2018

Microsoft PowerPoint tips for better presentations

PowerPoint offers all sorts of ways to add a bit of pizzazz to your slides: fades, swipes, flashing text, and other annoyances are all too easy to insert with a few mouse clicks. Here are some simple tips to help you master PowerPoint for a presentation that people will actually take interest in.

03 July 2018

Let’s get automating, having the computer do it for you.

There are two acronyms that are heard a lot if you work in the space I do, EDI and API. They perform the same function, though if someone is mentioning an API they’re more likely to be selling a cloud service.

27 June 2018

How much does it cost your business to pay an invoice?

Paying your accounts can be an expensive business – just how expensive can be quite a shock. Of course, it’s a necessary task, but it does use precious resources for no real return and it makes sense to look at way to minimise this cost to your business both financially and in terms of staff time.

26 June 2018

MYOB Exo Payroll Tip: Cope better with the legal compliance around leave

There’s a new feature that has been released this year in MYOB Exo Payroll to better cope with the legal compliance around employee leave.

20 June 2018

Finding more time by Automating Tasks

Time does what time does, and we have no control over it – but what we get done within that time is up to us. Do we spend the time doing repetitive, time consuming tasks that we feel could probably be done more efficiently (but we don’t have time to find out)? Or do we spend it on tasks that give real value to our business?

13 June 2018

Have you grown out of your systems?

The latest MYOB Enterprise Insight Reports suggest 31,000 New Zealand businesses have a turnover of more $5 million per year and employ more than 20 staff.  It has taken a huge amount of work and investment from the owners of these companies to get there and for many their business is predicted to grow.

11 June 2018

16 Excel keyboard shortcuts

Love spreadsheets? Neither. But, unfortunately there are a number of industries where spreadsheets are a necessity.

05 June 2018

Webinar 2: How did it go…

Recently, we had our second webinar of our LUNCHBOX series where we talked about ‘How to successfully choose the right ERP software and partner. This webinar was a Q&A where Heather and I bounced questions off each other.

29 May 2018

2018 MYOB Enterprise Insights Report

MYOB interviewed 185 bigger businesses from across the country in the latter half of 2017. The businesses range in size from mid-sized operations of under 20 employees to large scale enterprises.

02 May 2018

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