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Working along some of the most pristine coastlines around New Zealand and Australia, Fiordland Lobster Company is New Zealand’s largest exporter of wild-caught southern rock lobster (New Zealand crayfish). As a demanding international operation, which supports the process from landing to export, the company needs technology that their daily demands, across all areas of the business.

“Our business operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, and we need IT support readily available at all hours in case something goes wrong,” says Fiordland Lobster Company Chief Financial Officer, Phillip Grubb. “Having stable IT platforms is key for us because our head office is in Te Anau.”

After first working with Focus in 2005 to implement a new business management system, the relationship has continued to thrive. As a strategic partner of the business, Focus now provides Fiordland Lobster Company with full IT services and solutions – from cloud, internet and consulting services, to IP telephony and IT support. Focus also provides connectivity between branches and supports remote access from home for staff.

“We rely on Focus to be supporting us at all times. We’ve recently experienced growth in terms of new locations and staff, and Focus has been working with us to get everything set up to allow the business to continue to run smoothly,” says Phillip.

“They have been alongside us as we’ve grown and they’ve put in a lot of effort to get to know our business and the way that we operate. We have a great relationship where they can identify gaps in our business and make IT suggestions – and if they recommend something, I’m going to take their word for it.”

Strict deadlines have reinforced the need for Fiordland Lobster Company to invest in good technology and a reliable provider, like Focus.

“In Te Anau, we rely on having stable internet and solutions that support us while working from remote locations,” says Phillip. “Our business has to stick to tight deadlines from airline departures and trade markets, and if we were to miss a deadline because of poor internet or emails being down, that would hinder our business.

“It’s really a credit to Focus that we can always trust that their services and platforms will support us. If we have issues, they understand that there are deadlines to meet and there is always someone available with a solution.”

Paul Dwight, Focus’s Account Manager for Fiordland Lobster Company, says the company has embraced technology ahead of the curve.

“They have always been open to quality technology and they rely on it for the successful operation of their business,” says Paul. “Because of their location, they all have remote access and are set up with communication tools to enable them to connect with their overseas branches and clients.”

The dynamic services and levels of expertise from Focus has allowed Fiordland Lobster Company to have support around the clock and seamlessly evolve with new technology.

“We are essentially their IT department and we help with onboarding new staff and tech support. We also offer new innovation, like designing a new solution – specific to them – to help measure their southern rock lobster,” says Paul.

The 15-year relationship between the two companies has resulted in a strong level of trust, particularly when it comes to new products and expenses.

“If we need a new piece of hardware, we go to them for their recommendation. They don’t just sell us the most expensive piece, they make sure that it’s the right thing for us or they’ll point me to the direction of what’s actually suited to needs of the business,” says Phillip.