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Queenstown Medical Centre (QMC) first opened in 1970. Today, the practice is led by 10 long-standing GP shareholders and a team of associate doctors, nurse practitioners and support staff.

“Our team are specialist providers of primary care services, with a broad range of skills and expertise,” says business services manager Anna Highfield. “We are a trusted first port-of-call for any health issue for both our local community and our visitors.”

The medical centre operates across three sites – Queenstown, Arrowtown and Frankton. In addition to a General Practice, the Queenstown campus hosts an Accident & Medical (A&M) clinic and provides access to radiology, ultrasounds, psychologists, physiotherapists, a pharmacy, immigration medicals, travel medicine, sexual health and family planning.

“As you can imagine, our IT requirements have grown significantly over the last few years,” Anna says. “We’ve not only changed in size and scope, we’ve also changed our technology and IT infrastructure.”

To support this, QMC engaged with Focus Technology nearly two decades ago.

“We’re a seven-days-a-week business, so having the ability to call on a local IT support team when things go wrong is a huge advantage,” she says. “This is why we chose to work with Focus in the first place, and is one of the primary reasons we’re still with them today.”

As the largest private medical practice in the Wakatipu, QMC works in a high pressure, fast-paced environment. To assist, Focus provides the medical centre with the technology solutions they need in a timely manner, and offers the team practical advice.

“The day-to-day support is invaluable,” Anna says. “Someone from our team will be on the phone to a Focus team member at least once a day – and they’re always happy to help.”

Focus also provides and manages the centre’s technology equipment – from desktop computers right through to servers. The Queenstown team also maintains and monitors QMC’s hardware on a regular basis.

“Over the last two decades, Focus has taken us from having a server in the cupboard to having the modern systems and devices we need to run an efficient and capable medical centre,” Anna says.

“They have worked with us knowing and understanding exactly where we want to go and how we’re going to get there – despite our budget and other limitations.”

While modern technology changes exponentially, Anna says the Focus team have never overdone it when it comes suggesting new systems, platforms and devices.

“They know what we need now and what we’re going to need in the future – and have never pushed us towards technology we don’t need.”

While Focus has the skills, people and ideas to manage and support the medical centre’s IT network, Anna says it is her relationship with the local team she appreciates the most.

“We have a very personable and close working relationship with the Focus team,” she says. “They always look after us – no issue is too large or complicated. I’d certainly recommend them to any medium to large business wanting greater oversight of their technology.”