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From high-speed internet connection, to mobile, wireless or dedicated location-to-location networks, Focus can connect your business.

Fast, secure and reliable internet connectivity is now the lifeblood of any business.

Whether your business is remote, hard to access, has high-demand or tailored needs, Focus can act as a single provider for your cellular, Wide Area Networking (WAN) and internet connectivity.

Focus can provide both onsite and remote support for Wide Area Network (WAN) inter-branch and datacentre connectivity, core networking, WAN optimisation, Local Area Network (LAN), cellular and wireless support.

Our business WANs, offer UFB, VDSL, HSNS, 3G & 4G and several other connection options, as well as flat-rate internet and virtual managed firewall options. Our network monitoring service provides end-to-end visibility for quick troubleshooting and minimum down time, supported by our locally-based service desk.

For added security and peace-of-mind, we can also provide managed firewall services, as well as advanced real time monitoring and analysis of all internet-based traffic as it traverses the firewall.