Disaster Recovery

Get the processes in place to ensure business continuity in case of an emergency.

Disaster Recovery

This comprehensive documentation of well-planned actions can save your company time, money and a lot of frustration.

These actions are documented so that you and your employees know exactly what needs to be done before, during and after a catastrophic event. In order to ensure business continuity during disasters, having an IT DR plan in place will help your business get back on its feet faster when the actual disaster or emergency occurs.

A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is a holistic strategy which includes your company’s people, processes, policies, and technologies. It focuses on restoring the IT systems critical to supporting the functions of your business.

An important thing to remember while creating your plan is that you are counting on your staff to implement these tasks, and the first priority for your team is always going to be their families and ensuring their safety.

The main objectives of a DR Plan should include:

  • Minimising disruption of business operations
  • Minimising risk of delays
  • Ensuring a level of security
  • Assuring reliable backup systems
  • Aiding in restoration of operations with speed

Developing your DR strategy can be quite a complex process – with the thorough analysis of your business from the existing network structure, applications, equipment and databases, through to your company setup, alternative premises, and all key components involved in your business. It will enable your business to minimise potential economic loss and disruption to operations in the face of disaster, while aiding in an organised recovery process, ensuring that your company’s assets are secure.

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