Exo Report Training

Learn to edit your own Exo Reports

Learn to edit your own Exo Reports

This course are designed to allow you to gain knowledge in how to edit, create and then customise your own Exo Reports using the Clarity Report writing tool. The first session will be beginner-based and will focus on editing your own Exo Reports.

Enjoy our small classroom with a maximum of 10 people which enables you to a better learning experience direct from our consultants. 

The beginner level includes one six-hour session for just $350+GST and will be starting on 14 March 2018 with Intermediate and Advanced sessions to follow.

Beginner: Part 1

In the first of two parts, we will be covering:

  • Identifying Clarity Form types
  • Using examples from the Clarity Browser
  • Demonstrating Report Sections
  • Formatting reports

Beginner: Part 2

In the last beginner's part, we will be covering:

  • Further formatting of reports
  • Using the Report Tree
  • Demonstrating how to use parameters
  • Data Pipeline

Understand the fundamentals of report editing.

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