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MYOB Exo Workshops

Our aim is to improve the knowledge you have of your ERP investment and to ensure that you keep in touch with the functionality of your software. We are looking to bring the MYOB Exo community closer together to collaborate and unlock the power of Exo through shared understanding of business pain and how to deal with this in a structured and proven way.

What's in it for you?

We know that sometimes software can become tiresome if it is not working in the way you imagined - believe us when we say we feel your pain. Our aim in this is to provide you with some assistance so that you and your team are able to gain new knowledge on how to solve these tricky issues and to move past them so you can work in peace. We will help you find new ways to utilise the amazing features of Exo so you can work smarter, faster and with ease. 

Types of training we provide:

Exo workshops

  • Get updates on what's new, what's hot and at the same time get a better insight into what is truly impacting your business.
  • Share your successes and pain stories with other like companies to gain new ideas and new solutions in our open floor section.
  • Get answers to your questions from MYOB Exo specialists.
  • Enjoy lunch on us.

Next workshop:  TBC

(If you have any suggestions for future workshops, send them in)

Want to watch past webinars or workshops?

If you are interested in watching any webinars you may have missed or maybe you just want a refresher of a topic, visit our YouTube channel.