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With cybercrime on the rise and local businesses increasingly under attack, Focus’ aim is to help you understand the risks and protect your business against the full range of threats to cybersecurity, including ransomware attacks, phishing, hacking and data leaks.

We focus our cybersecurity services around three key pillars: people, processes and technology. This comprehensive approach ensures that your business can maintain a safe and productive operational environment – now and in the future.

As recent high-profile incidents have highlighted, employee education is crucial to good cybersecurity management. We are passionate about working with you and your team to highlight key threats and keep you informed about how to operate safely in a connected world.

We can also design a security programme tailored to meet your needs. Our thorough auditing process will identify the areas of risk you face, before selecting and implementing the processes and software to protect your business.

There are a lot of complex issues that your business can face in the modern online environment – from unwanted or dangerous emails, exposure of private information or even being locked out of your own systems. By tailoring staff training and education to suit your business and skill level, testing the strength of your current protection and creating cybersafe systems, we can help you – and your team – become more aware of the risks, and as safe and protected as possible.

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Cybersecurity can affect all businesses – not just the big ones. Focus has everything your business needs to protect itself. Talk to us about understanding your risk – we can tailor a response to your business.