Software Development

We provide customised solutions and meet the individual needs of each customer.

Software Development by Focus 

As an approved MYOB Exo reseller, Focus provides customised solutions to businesses in different industries and of contrasting sizes. We have designed a range of companion products that enhance the overall offering of MYOB Exo, providing additional functionality to the core product and offering solutions that meet industry specific needs.

As well as developing a number of products for customer specific requirements, our skilled developers are able to customise “off the shelf” products without compromising the underlying benefits of those leading products. All of our products are sold under our development brand Exosoft and are developed with fully featured installers, help manuals, whitepapers and ongoing support solutions.

Job Management Software

TimeTrak is job management software for everyday businesses. We offer a full featured solution that can help get your business back on track.

TimeTrak is a cloud-based job and time management tool that's accessible from any desktop or mobile device - giving you a central system to manage all your jobs and projects. From the initial contact and quote through to final invoicing and support thereafter, TimeTrak can help you manage your business no matter what industry you are in.

Job Invoice Batch Engine (JIBE)

JIBE has been designed to customise and manage your invoices faster, and it is recommended for businesses that create a large number of jobbing invoices on a regular basis.

Simply choose the jobs that you wish to invoice through a selection of criteria, then JIBE will summarise these invoices into a screen which allows you to manage the invoices that will be created. Once verified, JIBE will then create your debtor invoices - easy as that.


Display your data the way you want, export or view grids where you need to, and simplify how you work.

EziView gives you the ability to create custom data grids that can be attached to any table or viewed in any database. It is an easy to use product that allows end-users to simplify their data entry, reporting and graphing, and is designed to be easily configurable and manageable to all users.

This product allows you to reduce admin time and costs with scheduled reports that can be emailed to you on a recurring basis, and can easily generate reports whenever you need them.