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Focus offers a range of specialist applications and add-on products to provide you with greater functionality and constantly evolving support.

For more than 25 years, Focus has been developing applications and add-on products to enhance and extend the key software platforms we support.

Rather than the development of one-off applications, our focus is on addressing the needs of key markets in New Zealand and Australia, with solutions that improve the functionality of the products we sell.

Our development team of 10 provides design, testing, support, training and documentation for our clients. We develop our applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server and the Xamarin mobile app platform.

We have designed and developed secure and reliable solutions to offer:

  • Project planning, scheduling and co-ordination
  • Time capture – both in the office and in the field
  • Reporting
  • Data synchronisation – EDI
  • Accounts payable automation and scanning
  • API integration between software platforms.

TimeTrak, one of our key products, is predominantly sold into Australia, where we typically implement and support this product remotely. For more specific information about our software products please visit: